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Paysage des Réseaux Intelligents au Canada: État actuel et transition. Par Steven Wong, Ph. Par Véronique Delisle, Ph.

site de rencontre jeunes professionnels

Armin Salimi, Ph. Mardi le 6 Novembre, Special Interest Group on Humanitarian Technology.

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Polytechnique Montréal, Pavillons Lassonde, Bureau: M, Atrium Lorne M. Mardi 2 Octobreà Admission: Recently, high precision positioning techniques have become widely used in several applications related to semiconductors, biomedical science, optics, haptics, and microscopy.

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For example, theoretical work in molecular manufacturing has highlighted the need for very small a fraction of a nanometer and very accurate manipulators, which simultaneously have a wide range of motion, thus permitting the flexible assembly of molecular components.

This, in turn, requires a dramatic improvement in two interrelated robotic components, namely, actuators and controllers. Conventional robotic technology is already close to the limit of its performance ability, and it is difficult to expect an essential improvement in terms of accuracy and dynamic response by using the traditional actuators such as DC motors and controllers.

site de rencontre jeunes professionnels

The new level of performance can be achieved by used new smart materials such as piezoelectric and magnetostrictive actuators. Piezoelectric actuators can perform sub-nanometer moves at high frequencies because they derive their motion from solid-sate crystalline effects.

Indeed, such manipulators driven by piezoelectric actuators have been commercially available, which allows us to find reliable and practical control solutions that enable the manipulators to achieve high speed and position accuracy over a wide environment range.

Specifically, the new real-world control schemes site de rencontre jeunes professionnels to consider different nonlinearities of these actuators.

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Non-smooth nonlinearities often severely limit system performance and affect the accuracy. An important example is piezoelectric actuators, which are finding site de rencontre jeunes professionnels new applications in areas demanding high precision under different conditions. The major limitation of piezoelectric actuators, however, is limited accuracy due to different nonlinearities.

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This motivates to conduct the fundamental research related to control of general dynamic micro -and nano-positioning systems involving nonsmooth nonlinearities. Important examples include hysteresis, backlash, and creep.

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These nonlinearities are very common in new industrial control systems, ranging from high technology applications such as micromanipulation in semiconductor manufacturing to traditional applications, which include electro-hydraulic positioning systems and robot manipulators. Invited Speaker: Mohammad Al Janaideh Date: Registration Do site de rencontre jeunes professionnels want it fast, good, or cheap?

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Engineering your technical message for any audience Have you ever delivered a presentation with no time restrictions, unlimited resources, and boundless scope? Probably not.

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But you have had to sit through presentations where speakers believed they had all of the above. You were probably bored and potentially missed valuable information. Communicating technical information is challenging.